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Guest Post: Jon McGovern - Reflections on winning the Marcia Rosen Award

Hi there Folks,

I’m here telling you about all the hard work I did this year and as a result I got the Marcia Rosen Award for the Central Maine Chatper. 

Staff usually don’t get recognized in this way or get this award, but it was a big honor to Receive the...Read More »

Guest Post: Alicia's Healthy Fruit Smoothie

Today we welcome Alicia back to the blog as she shares another one of her favorite healthy recipes. Alicia has been on a health journey the last few years and is learning to make choices for herself and her health!

Alicia’s Kiwi Fruit Smoothie
2 small kiwis cut...Read More »

Guest Post: Eric McVay Special Olympics USA Games

Hi there

I’m Eric McVay from Bangor and recently I was able to attend the Special Olympics USA Games in Florida.  I am a self-advocate and part of the Central Maine Chapter of Speaking Up For Us.

I want to share with you my experience of training and going to the Special...Read More »

Are you coming to the conference?

What’s Up Members,

I know the SUFU Conference is coming up so let me tell you about the SUFU Conference.

There’s lots of FUN, food, workshops, and music.  We also get to meeting people in person you might not know or seen in a long time and you say to yourself should...Read More »

Disability Pride Day Reflections from Jon McGovern

Hi there!

Here is my experience going to the Disability Pride Day Event.  It was wonderful seeing new and old faces alike.   I was able to meet people that work for DRM that I had not met before or heard of at all.  I also got to meet the other vendors...Read More »

Disability Pride Day by Sarah Trites

We celebrate important events in our lives,

Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, too.

We say congratulations

And throw a party or two.

It’s important to come together

To share in others’ joy.

To hear them say,

“You matter. I am so proud of you!”

But there’s one group of people

Who need to hear this, too.

They need to hear something positive

 Said...Read More »

Painted Pictures by Sarah Trites

Today we welcome Sarah Trites as she shares one of her original poems.

Painted pictures

By Sarah Trites

Would you paint me a picture?

So that I may see

All the colors of the rainbow

From sea to glimmering sea.

Would you paint me a picture?

Of the world you see

From the beautiful mountains majesty.

To the fragile pumpkin...Read More »

Disability Pride Day

Hi this Jon

On July 1st, 2019, Kile, Stephanie, Mike Labreque and myself went to Disability Pride Day in Augusta.  That was also the day that Supported Decision Making went into effect in the state of Maine.  

Speaking Up For Us had a table at Disability Pride Day and the four of...Read More »

Guest Post: Kile Pelletier - Voice

The power of the Voice is stronger than you.

Voice can change the world with all types of things that can happen.

As a person living with a disability, I must use the Voice to get what I want and to make happen, the things I want to change. 

Your,...Read More »

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