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Guest Post: Alicia’s Healthy Fruit Smoothie

Today we welcome Alicia back to the blog as she shares another one of her favorite healthy recipes. Alicia has been on a health journey the last few years and is learning to make choices for herself and her health! Alicia’s Kiwi Fruit SmoothieIngredients:2 small kiwis cut into bit size pieces.1 level tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter.1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.1/2 cup of milk1/4 cup of greek vanilla yogurt1 Tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa Directions:Step 1 add above ingredients to your blender and blend together.…

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Recipe Share: Easy Lasagna Soup

Today we welcome back Alicia from our York County chapter as she shares with us a recipe she enjoys making.   Easy Lasagna Soup!       Thank you Alicia for sharing this with others!   If you are self advocate and would like to share a blog post with us please email Laurie Coldwell at lcoldwell@sufumaine.org      The Speaking Up For Us (SUFU) blog contains views and opinions of each individual writer. The views and opinions expressed through these channels are purely the bloggers’…

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When Your Goal Takes a Detour; Guest Post

Today’s Guest Post is from Laurie Coldwell, Program Coordinator and Administrator. When your goal takes a detour. This week I am on vacation. I had great plans for this week. As many of you knew I had a goal. A goal a year in the making. Every time we talked about goals, and if it was realistic, I would always share the goal I was working on for a whole year. To hike Mt. Washington for my 45th trip around the sun. I had completed…

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CLEAN SLATE from Marco Orlando

CLEAN SLATE Marco Orlando One thing I can always appreciate about the pandemic is that it gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on things. Before COVID-19, I wasn’t always much fun to be around when I went out and did stuff, and I’m not proud of the kind of person I was back then. I was still struggling to fit in and feel like I belonged somewhere, not realizing I wasn’t going about it in the best way. I became this…

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“Are You Ever Happy?” from Marco Orlando

“ARE YOU EVER HAPPY?” Marco Orlando I had a friend ask me recently “Are you ever happy?” after I had aired some of my grievances online a while ago. The question caught me off guard, and I didn’t really have an answer. But it did give me some time to think since then. We’ve all likely spent a fair amount of time alone in our lives. It’s something I haven’t always had much of in the past, so I’ve learned to appreciate when I have…

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Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine: Self-Advocates continue to share their experience

Today we welcome Sarah Trites and Jon McGovern to the blog as they share their experience getting the Covid-19 Vaccine.   Self-Advocates want to encourage others to get vaccinated and one way they are doing that is by sharing their experience!     Sarah Trites was able to receive her Covid-19 Vaccine at her home and shares here story.   “There was a nurse that came to my housing complex from Augusta to give residents the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine shot.  There were two shots left over and I…

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Guest Post: Alicia Duchette – Choosing Health

Alicia Duchette from the Springvale chapter shares her weight loss journey. She was inspired by her parents and her doctors as they were concerned about her weight. From Alicia: I now exercise every day and measure out what I’m going to eat.  I have been working with a nutritionist to help me with my food choices.  For exercise I enjoy walking and using my gazelle. I have a Fitbit that helps me track my steps and I get 10,000 steps every day. It has been…

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