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Self-Advocates Chasing their Dreams: Conference Video

At the 2022 SUFU Conference self-advocates are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops. One of them was was titled “Chasing Your Dreams”. Self-Advocates were given the opportunity to share what they are passionate about and their dreams for the future. We thank self-advocate Anna McDougal for leading this workshop along with Lisa Wesel and Kim Humphrey from Community Connect. From that workshop a video was compiled of self-advocates sharing their passions and dreams.

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Guest Post: Maryann Preble and the 2022 SUFU Conference

Maryann Preble speaks about her trip to “The County” for the 2022 SUFU Conference. Maryann is a long time, proud SUFU member who lives in Augusta, Maine. Maryann is SUFU’s 2021 Paige Barton award winner while Kile Pelletier is SUFU’s 2022 Paige Barton award winner. They were both surprised with a Limousine ride from the bus drop in Presque Isle to the Caribou Inn and Convention Center in Caribou. Marco Orlando, Jon McGovern, Maryann Preble, Stephanie Pelletier, Kile Pelletier, in Caribou Maine Showing a big…

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Guest Post: Barb Pomeroy is planning her future.

Barbara Pomeroy lives in Millinocket, Maine a member of the Northern Penobscot Chapter of SUFU.  Stacy G spoke with Barbara Pomeroy, and this is what she said.  I’ve been interested in beauty and makeup ever since I was a little girl.  My Aunt was a hairdresser and I watched her.  Barb said she was inspired when she attended the workshop, at the SUFU Caribou conference, Everyone can Work! Barbara took home an information booklet from the workshop about Empire Beauty School.  Barb called the beauty…

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Guest Post: Jon McGovern – Reflections on winning the Marcia Rosen Award

Hi there Folks, I’m here telling you about all the hard work I did this year and as a result I got the Marcia Rosen Award for the Central Maine Chatper.  Staff usually don’t get recognized in this way or get this award, but it was a big honor to Receive the Marcia Rosen Award for all my hard work in 2022.  It was because of the Members that kept me going this year.I work hard to help keep chapters going over zoom.   I have…

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Are you coming to the conference?

What’s Up Members, I know the SUFU Conference is coming up so let me tell you about the SUFU Conference. There’s lots of FUN, food, workshops, and music.  We also get to meeting people in person you might not know or seen in a long time and you say to yourself should I go to the SUFU Conference.  The SUFU conference is worth the cost to go.  Maryann Preble has been to every SUFU Conference, and she has been with SUFU for 29 years. When…

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Guest Post: Jon McGovern: In Person Staff meeting.

Hi this Jon I’m here to talk to you about meeting in Person for the first time for the SUFU Staff since Covid started. Instead of being over Zoom we got together in Waterville. It was fun to meet Stacy Giberson in person for the first time and having that All-Staff Meeting. It was very interesting. We went over the Calendar Schedule the summer and we are going to try some new things out and see if they will work. I liked the Topics we…

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