Hi everybody, it’s Jon

I will be attending the SUFU Conference event facilitated by SUFU.

It will be held September 24th-25th. You get to meet new and old friends and will get to go to some awesome and cool workshops. You also meet and greet people at the SUFU Conference. It’s important to GO to this big SUFU Conference event. There is going ot be a dance and maybe a few games to play as well.

Y’all get to tell your stories. Remember a person with a Disability Matters. There is a saying out there, Nothing About Us Without Us. You will also enjoy yourself at the SUFU Conference and I hope you try to bring your Disability and non-Disabled friends to the SUFU Conference that are not part of SUFU. You will be telling your friends about the SUFU Conference and how wonderful it was. I hope you remember SUFU is important to everybody out there.

If you want to go to the SUFU Conference, please contact us at info@sufumaine.org and check are website for updates and registrations: sufumaine.org

If you are self-advocate and would like to share a blog post with us please email Laurie Coldwell at lcoldwell@sufumaine.org   

The Speaking Up For Us (SUFU) blog contains views and opinions of each individual writer. The views and opinions expressed through these channels are purely the bloggers’ own and do not reflect the opinion of SUFU as an organization or any SUFU staff member.

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