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Spring – Guest Post from Jon McGovern

Spring. It’s nice and warm. It brings JOY to people’s faces. They get to wear their spring clothes like shorts and sandals. They don’t have to wear long denim jeans or long sleeve shirts. They think about being on the beach and having a tan. Hanging out with your friends or going on vacation. Maybe it’s seeing a friend that you have not seen in a long time, or crossing something off your bucket list. Is Spring your favorite season? How many times do you…

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Guest Post: Kile Pelletier – Connecting with Legislators.

Hi everyone, it’s Kile.  I am dropping by with a blog post. March has started off to be a good busy month for me. This past weekend we had the cam am dog sled races that we have very year in March. So, you would think why I write about that?  Well, our representative from the Maine legislature and on the federal level came to together to talk the community of Fort Kent.  So that means once again I went to work on our relationship…

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Winter from Jon McGovern

Hi my name is Jon McGovern I would like to tell you a story about Winter. When you were a little kid winter was all you could think of. The Hot Chocolate. The baking of Cookies. Playing in the snow. Having snow fights. Building a snow forts. Making Snow Angles. And Waiting for Santa to come. To see if Santa was real. Christmas was the happiest time of year as a little kid. Watching the Best Christmas Movies ever. Going out to see the decorations…

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Memories: Guest Post from Jon McGovern

Hi, my Name is Jon I’m going on vacation to Groton Connecticut to where I used to live. This will bring up old childhood memories. My Dad was in the U.S. Navy, and we lived in Connecticut from 1989-1992. I loved going to the Mystic Aquarium and loved checking out Groton CT and seeing Fort Griswold. In New London CT we would go to Michael’s Dairy, where we get ice cream. They made special flavors, and some of my favorites were pumpkin ice cream or…

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When Your Goal Takes a Detour; Guest Post

Today’s Guest Post is from Laurie Coldwell, Program Coordinator and Administrator. When your goal takes a detour. This week I am on vacation. I had great plans for this week. As many of you knew I had a goal. A goal a year in the making. Every time we talked about goals, and if it was realistic, I would always share the goal I was working on for a whole year. To hike Mt. Washington for my 45th trip around the sun. I had completed…

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“Are You Ever Happy?” from Marco Orlando

“ARE YOU EVER HAPPY?” Marco Orlando I had a friend ask me recently “Are you ever happy?” after I had aired some of my grievances online a while ago. The question caught me off guard, and I didn’t really have an answer. But it did give me some time to think since then. We’ve all likely spent a fair amount of time alone in our lives. It’s something I haven’t always had much of in the past, so I’ve learned to appreciate when I have…

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Future What Ifs from Marco Orlando

“FUTURE WHAT IFS” Marco Orlando It’s not easy seeing our parents get old. No one really prepares any of us for that it seems. It’s something that kind of sneaks up on us without even trying. I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom and dad lately as they’ve both been dealing with some ongoing issues. In recent times, birthdays and holidays and other celebrations have all become just another reminder of how vulnerable my parents are and how fragile life really is. Sometimes if…

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Miss the Family from Jon McGovern

Today we welcome Speaking Up For Us Staff member Jon McGovern as he shares some personal thoughts regarding seeing people close to him in the pandemic. Miss The Family I miss my family because of what is going on in the State of Maine. I do not get see my younger brother as much, or my two nieces at all. I love it when my nieces are over here. They brighten everything up at our house. They love to hangout with me when they are…

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LOS ORLANDOS LIFE LESSONS Marco Orlando Have you ever stopped to think about how you could have been a step or two away from living a completely different life? Maybe growing up, you were one class, one grade, or one school away from having a whole new group of friends? Or later in life, one relationship away from finding true love? Different life circumstances often lead to different results for all of us at any given time, for better or for worse. I was thinking…

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