04/09/24 – We got back to the hotel from the Museum of Natural History and immediately changed back into our regular clothes, then decided to find a place in the Chinatown District to have supper. We are joined by our friend Eric, who took a bit of a digger while he was out with his Maine LEND friends the night before, and he had to be taken by ambulance to a nearby medical facility to get stitched back up a little bit. While we figure out where we’re gonna eat, we stumble upon a hole-in-the-wall place called the Joy Luck House that has garnered some largely favorable reviews online. It’s not very big inside. There’s only a handful of tables in there, and our big group easily takes up about half of them. So we each grab a menu, and once we decide on what we want, we go up to the counter one at a time to place our orders.

It doesn’t take very long afterwards for us to figure out why this Joy Luck House is so well liked online. Given the quality of the food and the size of the portions, I was able to order some sesame chicken, some fried rice, and a Diet Coke, all for about $20. So very reasonably priced compared to other places we’ve been for our meals on this trip. Cleared up my sinuses real good too. At this point, I’m getting overheated and I need some air, so I step outside for a bit and wait for everyone else to finish eating.

When everyone else is done eating, we notice there’s a police car on just about every block and there’s tons of people in country and western attire going every which way. We remembered from our Big Bus Tour on Sunday that the Capitol One Arena is nearby, so Stacy went on her phone to figure out what might be happening over that way later. And we were surprised to learn that there’s gonna be a Bad Bunny concert going on in there tonight. Who knew, right? Bad Bunny is in Washington the same time we are, and none of us have tickets. I’m sure the locals got a great show that night though. Folks love Bad Bunny.

When we got back to the hotel, Rose and I went back to Kile and Stephanie’s hotel room for a little bit. Rose had bought a couples card game for us to play to see how well we all know each other. Move over, Bob Eubanks.

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