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Guest Post: Kile Pelletier – Voice

The power of the Voice is stronger than you. Voice can change the world with all types of things that can happen. As a person living with a disability, I must use the Voice to get what I want and to make happen, the things I want to change.  Your, Voice can be used to sing and that makes you feel good. A Voice will help break through a wall that you cannot get through. The Voice can go to God from a prayer.  A…

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Guest Post: Kile Pelletier – Connecting with Legislators.

Hi everyone, it’s Kile.  I am dropping by with a blog post. March has started off to be a good busy month for me. This past weekend we had the cam am dog sled races that we have very year in March. So, you would think why I write about that?  Well, our representative from the Maine legislature and on the federal level came to together to talk the community of Fort Kent.  So that means once again I went to work on our relationship…

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Able Accounts – Where have you been? Guest Post from Kile Pelletier

Able Accounts where have you been? It has been a long time that Maine has been waiting to have Able Accounts. So that people with disabilities had a place that they can save money. We would have to hide money so that we could save money without getting it taken away. There were a lot of states in the United State that have had Able Account. My wife and I opened an Able Account so that we can start to plan for our future. We…

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Guest Post: Summer of 1990 from Jon McGovern

Hi my is Jon Let’s go back to the summer of 1990 in Washington D.C. when I saw President George Bush Sr. sign the ADA into law. Judith Heumann, James Lebrecht, and Ann Cupolo Freeman were there also. You may have seen them in Crip Camp and they talked about being there when the ADA was signed. The ADA has done a lot for people with Disabilities. It was fun being in D.C. for the first time in my life. Republican Olympia J. Snowe &…

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Guest Post: Kile Pelletier – One Mind One Voice

One Mind One Voice We are people that have a voice. What comes of it is what we want in our life. Other people try to make decisions about what we want in our lives. Why do other people think they know? As people we have a mind and our beliefs in life. How we you ask for help. It ok to ask for help. To make you a better person. To ask for help. Our life is not perfect. That’s how we can speak…

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Reflections By Sarah Trites

Today we welcome Sarah Trites back to the blog as she shares a poem she has written. Thank you Sarah for sharing such beautiful words with us! Reflections By Sarah Trites Here I am on this beautiful county road, reflecting over my long journey. The road behind me was difficult, Full of many challenging obstacles. While traveling this path, I stumbled over uneven ground. But I never fell. Tall trees surround me I can no longer see the path But I will never give up;…

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Board Candidate Forum

On Tuesday we had our Board Candidate Forum, for new candidates for the Speaking Up For Us Board of Directors. If you were unable to make it but would like to watch that meeting we did record it. You can find the forum here. We hope to have written statements from the other two candidates that could not make that we can share with members. Laurie Coldwell will be visiting your chapters soon to privately record your vote for the board of directors. The results…

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Back To School. The Story of Mary Ann Swank returning to school.

The Story of Mary Ann. Returning to school after 60 years. Stacy Giberson was able to recently talk with Mary Ann Swank and listen to her story about returning to school. This is from their conversation. After decades of consistent requests or as she tells it, persistent nagging, Mary Ann Swank has been meeting with a teacher to learn how to spell, read, write, and count. Currently, Mary Ann is on summer break and plans to return to her education instruction on September 7. Mary…

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Career Exploration Workshop Series Continued

Stacy Smart, a member of the Springvale chapter of Speaking Up For Us, and also a member of the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council Board of Directors also participated in the Career Exploration Workshop. Today she shares with us her thoughts on this Workshop series. “I liked that we could see our friends from other parts of the state on zoom when we did this. I found that there was a lot of information in the sessions. In the first session we were introduced to a…

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