Hi everybody, it’s Jon.

I will be attending Disability Pride Day, an event facilitated by our friends at Disability Rights Maine. It will be held on July 19th at Mill Park in Augusta. You get to meet new people and see what new resource tables are available. They will have information to offer us. SUFU is going to be there to provide information on self-advocacy.

The news crew might be there as well to report on what is going on at the Disability Pride Day event. And get important information that might be helpful to people who may not have been able to attend. You may get a chance to speak with the news crew, which is important as you are the expert on Disability Pride.

Disability Pride Day happens every year in July during Disability Pride Month. There are guest speakers and maybe a band. Most importantly Celebrating Disabilities. I want to make sure new people that go don’t get nervous at their first Disability Pride Day event. And show them around and have them meet the people from Disability Rights Maine so they can remember who they are for next time.

I’m interested in hearing what your key takeaways are form the Disability Pride Day event and sharing mine with you. My hope is disability pride day will soon be celebrated every day, not just one day.

If you would like to see the news story done on last years Disability Pride Day click here.

If you want more information on Disability Pride Day, please contact Laurie or Cherie at info@sufumaine.org

If you are self-advocate and would like to share a blog post with us please email Laurie Coldwell at lcoldwell@sufumaine.org   

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