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Hey peeps! Hope my readers have been doing okay lately, wherever they may be. So a while ago, I put the call out for questions that my readers might have about me or anything I’ve written. As promised, I’m answering those questions for you today in my blog.

The first question I got came from the Casco Chapter. Zack asks, “How would I go about writing a blog without screwing it up? How did you get started?”

I actually started blogging regularly about 10 years ago. There was a site online that hosted it, and I noticed a couple of my friends already had blogs there. So I figured I should probably start one too. It was very much “touch and go” back then, learning my way around as I went along. I didn’t really have an intended audience in the beginning. I was mostly just speaking into the void as I tried to find my niche online. I would mostly talk things out and think out loud, writing about things I had observed while I was out and around or had read about online or in the news. I kept up with wrestling and Boston sports. I was also active in fat positive / size acceptance online communities. I probably shared too much of myself online at times, and I had to take a step back from blogging for a while. That’s the risk I take when I put myself out there online sometimes.

Last April, a discussion I had with Krista Kennedy and Monique Stairs in Augusta gave me an idea. From there, the wheels started turning and I began repurposing some of my older writings for the SUFU blog. I love when my writings get people talking. It feels awkward sometimes if I’m the only one doing all the talking. Laurie Coldwell is always looking for content from SUFU members to post to the blog. If you have something in mind you want to write about, send her an e-mail and she’ll point you in the right direction to help you get started. I wouldn’t worry too much about screwing anything up to start with. For me, the main goal has always been just to write things down and give my thoughts and feelings a voice.

Regina from Presque Isle had a question for me. She asks, “How would you feel if you started an online karaoke group for the time being with your out of town friends? Just until you go back to your usual Friday night karaoke?”

Well, it’s something I’ve thought about, and it’s something I would consider. I’m usually up for just about anything as it is. I know “Quarantine Karaoke” is currently a thing, and people have been posting clips of themselves performing there. I know of alternate methods of performing karaoke, and I plan on looking into it more so I may be able to try my hand at it myself.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to send in their questions. And thanks to Laurie Coldwell for all she does to keep SUFU running. Her efforts do not go unnoticed.



If you are self advocate and would like to share a blog post with us please email Laurie Coldwell at   


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