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As many of you know my name is Regina Bowie.  I am a member of the Presque Isle Chapter of Speaking Up For Us and have been since July/August 2017.  I am also a Board Member and Treasurer for SUFU.

The reason for my title is because today marks the two year anniversary of me and Bobby’s engagement.  That makes it even more special because it is on Voting Day this year.  All the more motivation for us to vote.  This is my voting story.

The voting process was so different this year since It took me a while to choose.  Anytime I wasn’t sure who to vote for which was more than once I wrote in my name or whom I feel would do the job instead.

Me and Bobby were excited to absentee ballot vote due to COVID19.  I sent in the application for Absentee Ballot Voting, but I knew it would take a long while and it did.  After a long-anticipated wait, I finally got the absentee ballot on the evening of October 7, 2020.  I was too tired to go in to vote and the absentee ballot office was closed so I decided to go in the next morning.

The next morning I woke up on October 8th. I decided to go to vote to return it to the City Hall as I felt safer doing it that way vs sending it out back in the mail.  I had to do some things before I went to the absentee-ballot office.

I wore a mask and kept my distance when I came to the City Hall. The problem was I went up to the wrong office.  Oops, no big deal.  I learned where to go.  At least I was directed in the correct direction.  I waited for a short wait.  Once I was there I handed my ballot to the volunteer and asked if I needed to do anything else.  Since this is my first time doing absentee voting all I had to do was to sign the ballot and hand it in. I did not need a witness to sign it with me.  I thanked the volunteer and went on my way to work.

I sure felt like I accomplished my civic duty and it felt good to vote safe and responsibly too.
Thank you Regina for sharing your voting story!

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