Hi Everybody,

Happy 2016 & I hope your holidays were great! 🙂


To start the new year off with a bang, I wanted to let you know what the Legislative Chapter (Currently: Tucker Conley, Chris Heywood, Robbie Garland, Marco Orlando, and Abbott Philson) has been up to!


The Legislative Chapter is very excited to announce our first step in working hard to make transportation better for people with disabilities in Maine: We will soon be sending out a short (2 Question) survey that we created, asking:

  1. What problems you currently have regarding transportation AND
  2. One thing you would want to change, to make it better.


It took us a few meetings to get the survey just as we wanted it.  Everybody worked so hard on it & I am truly proud of all of us!


As SUFU Members, you have a really important role in the survey too: By answering the questions, you will be letting the Legislative Chapter know what transportation problems are important to you.


This is so great because it will help the Legislative Chapter decide what to focus on over the next several months.


The Legislative Chapters’ goal is to make a real change in transportation, that will help people with disabilities in Maine & with SUFU Members & the Legislative Chapter working together?  I truly believe that we will!

Until Next Time,





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