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SUFU has a great opportunity for SUFU members to get involved with the land trust community.  You might be wondering, “what is a land trust?”  I wouldn’t blame you because I didn’t know the answer until a couple of months ago.

A land trust is an organization that helps conserve and protect land. This land can be a farm, or specific pieces of land where people like you and me can go and just enjoy nature or ride a bike.  In most cases land protected by a land trust can’t have any businesses or homes built on it.  There are land trusts in every state.  Maine is special though because we have over 100 land trusts!

A few months ago, our Executive Director, David Unger and SUFU Chapter Advisor (including the Sports Chapter), Laurie Bernier, created a partnership with the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. (http://www.mcht.org/index.php) They then met with a bunch of land trusts, to talk about how SUFU members would be great volunteers!  Land trusts need volunteers to help do many things, including making sure trails are clean and safe to use.

People were very excited about what Laurie and David had to say!  As a result, some of the land trusts are partnering with SUFU to provide volunteer opportunities!

For example, some members from the Belfast Chapter, worked with the Blue Hill Heritage Trust (http://bluehillheritagetrust.org/) to pick blueberries and donate them to the Tree of Life Food Pantry (http://treeoflifepantry.org/).  Everybody had a great time, enjoying nature, and giving back to the community!

I went to another land trust, the Langlois Sculpture Preserve, which is in Cushing (by Rockland).   The preserve is brand new and has all kinds of art all over the place!  They also created a trail that people who have wheelchairs can use!  I went there to try it out and had a really good time!

In fact, on September 16, they are having their grand opening celebration!  Click here for more information: http://www.georgesriver.org/event/langlais-opening/

If enjoying the outdoors and volunteering for a land trust sounds like something you would like to do, contact Laurie at (207) 956-1004 / Extension 2, OR advisorl@sufumaine.org to get moreAveryatLanglais information.


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