Hi Everybody,


A couple of months ago, the SUFU Board and the SUFU Chapter Representative Committee worked together to come up with a SUFU Strategic Plan.


A strategic plan is basically a plan to figure out what you want to do as an organization and how you want to do it.


Together, they chose to focus on 5 goals to work on over the next year.


The 5 goals over the next year are… 

  1.  To End Discrimination and Bullying Towards People with Disabilities:


Have you ever been bullied?  I have, when I was a kid, and it made me feel really sad.


  1. To Let People, Know How Laws about People with Disabilities Can Help Us or Hurt us:

What laws do you feel are restrictive? I wish I didn’t have to worry about how much money I earn, before I lose my benefits.


  1. To Have the Freedom to Choose What We Want to Do with Our Lives


Can you tell me what issues you wish you had more choice on?  For me?  See #2 🙂


  1. To End Being Taken Advantage of, by Other People:


Have you ever been taken advantage of? How?


  1. To Find Jobs that We enjoy & Get the Same Pay as Someone Without a Disability


Would you like to find a job?


I know I’ve talked about the SUFU Board a lot but in order for the Board to make decisions about how to work on these goals, they are going to need to hear from YOU, the SUFU members.


The goals the Board set are to help you improve your like. What do you think about them?


Do you have ideas or suggestions on what the SUFU Board can put in their plans, to get these goals done?  Please let them know because they need to hear from you.  These would be great discussions to have at Chapter Meetings and Roundups. 🙂


Working together, we can make choices that will make us all proud to be SUFU members!


Until Next Time,




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