Hi Everybody,

One thing that I have found out by having a disability, is that there are many times where other people guess what things I can do and what things I can’t.  Sometimes, that bothers me because I want to find out what I can and can’t do, without somebody else telling me.

Sometimes, I also have a really hard time making decisions.  I can get overwhelmed pretty easily and I get so worried about making the “wrong” decision, that it can be hard for me to make a decision at all.


I know a lot of SUFU members struggle with these same issues.  At the last board meeting, a new SUFU Mission Statement was approved.

The new SUFU Mission Statement is:

To create new opportunities for members to discover what they can do and exercise choice in order to improve their lives.


To me, that means that the Board wants SUFU to be an organization where we can try new things, make decisions for ourselves, and even make mistakes, without worrying that other people might make us feel bad.  SUFU can be an organization where people can have fun & learn about ourselves at the same time! 🙂


Tucker Conley, SUFU Board Member, talked about what SUFU’s Mission Statement meant to him:

“I think SUFU’s new mission statement is important because I don’t feel that people with disabilities have all the choices available to them that they deserve.  For example, in employment, people with disabilities are often given the same choices over and over, like food service or cleaning.  Not only are some SUFU members working for SUFU, but hopefully, SUFU can help us find different kinds of paid jobs & volunteer jobs.”


I have a few questions for you to think about by yourself, with family or friends, or at Chapter Meetings…

  1. What does the Board’s, SUFU Mission Statement mean to you?
  2. How has SUFU helped you discover what you CAN do, and make choices to improve your life?
  3. What can SUFU do to help you discover what you CAN do, and make choices to improve your life?

Until Next Time,


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