Today we welcome Speaking Up For Us Staff member Jon McGovern as he shares some personal thoughts regarding seeing people close to him in the pandemic.

Miss The Family

I miss my family because of what is going on in the State of Maine. I do not get see my younger brother as much, or my two nieces at all. I love it when my nieces are over here. They brighten everything up at our house. They love to hangout with me when they are here.

We are not going to have Thanksgiving this together, and possibly Christmas as well. The thought of that puts a sad look on my face.

As for my sister’s family, usually they come over for Sunday Dinner. I get really frustrated when both families do not come out. I find that I put my frustration on somebody else. I do not like doing that when I get that way.

I wish things in Maine would go away and things would go back to normal for good and stay that way. I wish my family would stop by once in a while or call us to see how we are all doing. I wish they could come watch Notre Dame football with me on Saturdays and have the good ol’ times back with the boys.
Do not let life put you down. I know talking about this is hard, but it helps.



Thank you Jon for sharing with us.   

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