We continue our Leadership Program Series with input from recent graduate Josh Lezotte and Reegan Boynton.

Joshua Lezotte is a member of the Southern Aroostook Chapter, and he learned in Leadership training about team building skills, helping others, talking with others if they have a problem and listening to what they have said, and listening to everyone.  For anyone thinking about taking the Leadership Training, say yes.  What Josh learned at Leadership that helps him in his life is listening to other people, team building skills, and doing other activities.

Reegan Boynton is a member of the northern Penobscot Chapter. Something that Reegan learned at Leadership training is how to be a leader, how to work with others, and encourage others to join in.  “I think people should take the training because some people have a hard time working within a group.  Leadership training will break people from getting frustrated working with a group because some people don’t like working in a group they like to work alone.  Skills I learned that help me in my life are how to get along with people you may not like but to put differences aside and work together.  Just yesterday while I was at work a worker was rude and disrespectful to one of the other employees, it wasn’t my place to say anything but after work, I told the employee, I’m sorry that he took that out on you that wasn’t right.”

Thank you to both Reegan and Josh for sharing what they learned in Leadership Training!

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