Krista’s Boredom Busters
Welcome back to Krista’s Boredom Busters. I hope every one is doing well and staying safe and healthy. I know it has been a long time since you all have had a chance to hang out with friends or do things in the public that you like to do.

I thought we would do something fun and creative today with items lying around your house.
Who has old t-shirts just lying around? How about t-shirts you don’t wear anymore?

Don’t throw them out, lets put them to good use and make something fun to wear. This is also away of recycling old t-shirts you do not use any more.
They are very simple to make and only need two items:
scissors and a t-shirt (oversized or a smaller one depends on the fit you want)
ow to Make a Cut Up Tee Tank T-shirt
1. Cut off all hemmed areas: neck, sleeves, bottom of shirt
2. Flip shirt over on front, use scissor to cut design into back of shirt
a. Some ideas
i. Fold back in half, cut slits up the back at different lengths
ii. Cut back up the center, cut strips on both sides the same width then tie them back together
3. Shirt is ready to wear!

I am enclosing a link for you to watch on how to do this!

Till next week, stay healthy and wash your hands.

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