Welcome back everyone. The weather is getting warmer and it is time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Some ways I like to enjoy the summer is to work in my flower gardens and planting new flowers.
What are some ideas that you have for enjoying the sunny weather?
Today I am going to provide you with a fun activity using items you can find outside your house and will make nice decorations for a garden or to encourage others!

Painted Stones

Painted Stones can be garden markers, fun emojis or kindness rocks!



Garden markers can be a great way to add to a flower or vegetable garden to label what has been planted.

Kindness stones can be an encouraging word or phrase to hide for others to find and brighten their day.

emoji stones
Emoji Stones are also a fun way to brighten either your own area or someone else’s!

Medium to large smooth rocks
Acrylic paint
Varnish or sealer (keeps paint on rocks for a few weeks)
Small paint brushes.

While taking a walk outside look for some nice medium to large smooth rocks as these work best.

Wash the rocks or wipe them off so there is no dirt on them.
Paint the rock with a color of your choice and add decorations.
Once paint is dry, use varnish or a sealant to coat the rock.
Allow the sealant to dry before placing the stones in your garden.
What ideas do you have for painting your stones?
Where will you choose to show your stones?

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