Hi Everybody,


I’m going to admit something that I haven’t said to a lot of people: I Hate Making Mistakes.

Whenever I make a big mistake, I sweat, I get really nervous, & my mind starts racing because I worry about how other people are going to react.

Here’s the thing: Everybody Makes Mistakes.

I have to remind myself of that all the time because we’re all human & nobody is perfect.

Even if you do make a mistake…

  1. It’s Okay.
  2. It can be fixed, most of the time
  3. Even if somebody gets upset with you for making a mistake, you are still a good person.  Someone might be upset with something you did, but they can still like/love you. 🙂

Bottom Line: Do your best to learn from your mistakes but don’t beat yourself up for them.  You’re too special to do that to yourself. 🙂

Does anyone else struggle with this, too?


Until Next Time,


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