Each Monday morning a group of self advocates gather in Springvale. This group shares experiences, advocates for changes in their area and across the state. As part of the Springvale Series many of them have shared a bit about themselves. Today we hear from Leah Gouldsbrough, Matt Winters and Chris Heywood.
Todd Allaire Center.
From Left to right, Matt Winters, Todd, and Leah Gouldsbrough.

Leah choose to share with you details about her life. My life: I was born in India. I have 2 brothers who are grown up. I live in Biddeford now and have one roommate, Abbott. I love to watch movies and sit around the house. I am happy that I am here at Lifeworks in Sanford. I also exercise at the YMCA twice a week. I am also happy that I can eat healthy foods like salads,avocados…I make my own salads.

Thank you Leah for sharing part of your life story.

Next is Matt, as he shares with us the things that make him proud. I am good in the the Culinary class I am in at Lifeworks day program. I like to make Instapot because it whistles when it is done. I recently helped a lot by helping to make 150 cupcakes for the Business After Hours that was held last week at Lifeworks. We also decorated, boxed and sold all of them. They came out good.

Thank you Matt for sharing with us!

Chris Surfing

















Chris Heywood, pictured here surfing, is a board member for Speaking Up For Us, and he talks about his job.

I like my job at RMS Secure Records Management. I sort white paper. I have been there 5 years. Thank you, Chris for sharing about your job! Look for more in our Springvale Series next week as we here from others in the Springvale Chapter.  If you would like to join them on Monday mornings please contact Laurie Bernier at 207-623-3210.  The group that meets in Springvale is growing and would like to have you there.

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