Reegan is a Self-Advocate, a SUFU board member, and lives in Millinocket, Maine.

Reegan speaks about getting her State of Maine Hunting License:

I wanted to get my hunting license because I wanted to have something to do with my aunt. It’s something that we can do together to get bonding time and I can get to know her more.  Before I got my license I tagged along with my aunt because I wanted to see how it works and she knows more about hunting.  A lot of my family hunts and it’s something they wanted me to try, and I wanted to try it out for myself.

My aunt helped me find an online hunter safety class. It took a while because I kept taking breaks, and I was able to press stop or pause, so I didn’t get too overwhelmed. The video in the class shows how to load and unload a gun and shows that you must keep it away from your car and people.  The video also teaches that a gun is to be treated like it’s always loaded. I practiced by shooting at cans and I did shoot one can. 

I went to my town office and paid for a hunting license after I completed my hunter’s safety. If I hunted without a license, I could get into trouble with a game warden or someone. There is a certain limit to what you can hunt. You can get a male deer but if I wanted to get a moose or a bear it requires extra schooling or a special permit.

If anyone wants to get their hunting license, I know they can do it. The video can read you the questions to make it easier. Some things I did have read to me and some things I did read myself but any other help with the answers would be cheating. I suggest lots of studying and taking notes.  There are multiple tests but the big test is about everything that you learned.

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