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Guest Post: Joshua Lonsdale – Food for thought.

Guest Post: Joshua Lonsdale – Food for thought.

Today we welcome Joshua Lonsdale from Portland to the blog. Joshua posted in this in our members page and we wanted to share it with our blog followers.

Food for thought… Bear with me on this one…

What is the meaning of life? A question many ask, yet none dare answer. I wonder this however, what if the purpose of life is indeed life itself. To have meaning to simple things, to share moments with each other, and go with the flow. It may seem trivial but more true than false.

But then why do we fight? If the meaning of life is life within then why do we as people fight each other? Yet another question oft asked but never understood… You see the simplex of it all is coming down to each individual’s path. Now what is a path you may ask… I answer thus…

A person’s path is simply more or less the experiences of yesterday, made with choices of today, for the most beneficial by anyone’s standard for a better tomorrow.

So it comes down to this… If everyone wants a better tomorrow, how can it be achieved. Remember every resources on earth save sun and wind will in time run dry and with that the use of non renewable technologies will eventually run dry, but that’s also the same with so called renewables as well. They must come from somewhere, to be made, harvested, whatever. Within that crisis, people fight for what they think is right, even if others think it’s wrong…
That all said, the time for peace will come to an end if we, not as a nation, or conglomerate but rather as human beings come together and understand different points of view…
And for those whom are bible goers, I’m pretty sure Jesus said it best… Do not hate your enemies, bit pray for them… Understanding each other is the best thing people have going for them, but if we fail in this one task alone, there will be a time of indefinite war, and that is worse then sharing experiences with someone you don’t know, just for the sake of enlightenment.

Well that’s my new year speak today, hope it hits home for some, and for others whom judge, please note this one request for thee…

Judge not a person on their past, but rather their future, if a person can turn their life around, why not help them do so, and mend the wound that sticks in every person in the world… As a mentor once shared with me, Practicing Karma for the sake of karma, is but a step in the right direction. Living life, understanding difference, and tacking challenges, not as an individual, but as part of a team that is human life.

That said, some people have little potential, I hear that judgement many times… But if I can teach someone who cannot read how to spell a few things, is it not better than that very person remaining ignorant for many years to follow?

Doing what is legal and what is moral can be conflicting and confusing, but always try to bring out potential in people, that is a spark worth fighting for. A spark worth dying for, a spark of glory and honor. And for those of you whom know me, know quite well I seldom speak, but when I do it’s often to your benefit to listen…
And when we listen to all, we can better understand that which we live in, this 7,000 mile sphere called earth. And when we listen to earth, all seems right as rain. And that’s a goal I wish to set, not for myself, but to all of you. Listen, not just to your self, but to each other. Do right by each other to end the biggest war of all… The war within.


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