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I Jon went to the Statehouse on Monday May 1st to Testify on LD 1666 which is the SSI & the Marriage Penalty bill. The Statehouse was busy when I testified on LD 1666 to the Health and Human Services Committee.   I want to see this bill get passed in Maine so people with Disabilities that have SSI do not lose their portion of SSI from Maine.  In addition to eliminating the marriage penalty for Maines portion of SSI, the bill also was about increasing the amount that is received from the state of Maine. 

When Stephanie Pelletier read her testimony, it was EYE-CATHING to the committee.  Stephanie was not nervous, and she did a great job.  I wish we had more time to read our testimonies to say more to them.  We left written copies of our full testimonies with them. 

If there are any LD Bills out there that you want to testify on let us know because I would like to see more people with Disabilities from SUFU speak out.

REMEMBER Nothing About Us Without Us.

I want to know, have you spoken up in front of a Committee at the Maine Statehouse before? 

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