Hi there Folks,

I’m here telling you about all the hard work I did this year and as a result I got the Marcia Rosen Award for the Central Maine Chatper. 

Staff usually don’t get recognized in this way or get this award, but it was a big honor to Receive the Marcia Rosen Award for all my hard work in 2022.  It was because of the Members that kept me going this year.
I work hard to help keep chapters going over zoom.   I have been able to find a lot of current event articles to share with not only the Central Maine Chapter, but also the SUFU membership

I want to keep helping the embers ways that I can.  Whether it’s by sharing information, or doing research, or helping someone get on zoom. 

 I went to help their leadership skills grow so that they can take it back and use it in a way that they can. 

We need to give people with disabilities a chance to teach other people with disabilities how to get their voice out there and be a part of SUFU. I want to see people with Disabilities blow me out of the water and then get the Marcia Rosen Award for their hard work they have done.  It would make them proud and happy for the first time.   Like Phil Wimer did. He was overjoyed when he got the Marcia Rosen Award for Northern Aroostook for the first time. Don’t put yourself down get up and do it again and again.

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