Today we welcome James Whitman from the Casco chapter as he shares with us a way he recently spoke up about an issue he believes needs to change. Welcome James!


I want to share that I wrote to the director of Special Olympics about an issue that needs to change. I have tried to be part of track and field for years but the issue is that they sometimes use a gun start to begin a race. The sound really upsets me. I feel so anxious that I try to leave the area. After that it usually takes me a couple of years of being nervous about track and field and not wanting to do it because of the loud noise. Then after a couple of years I forget and try it again but I start to get really anxious for days before the race and even at the race before it starts. I have asked that they get rid of the gun start and just use a hat or hand signal. I hope to hear back from Special Olympics soon. I feel it is important to speak up when things need to change. Have you felt anxious about really loud noises? I don’t think I am the only one. Some people with a developmental disability are bothered by loud noises. Please share your thoughts here.

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