Regina Bowie, from our Presque Isle Chapter, blogged about her experience on Advocacy Day that was held in April.

Blog from Regina Bowie on Advocacy Day

I decided to go down to Augusta to see the statehouse, to state my case, and understand how lawmaking is created.
Certain federal laws negatively affect an important aspect of my life so I thought to let our local senator and representative know about how it affects my life and ask about it. It was a very wonderful and amazing meeting a local senator and to thank the person for listening to me.
I contacted my local representative and senator before I came. I went with a group of us. We waited till they were out of session. I was amazed at how well ornated and decorated the building is.
I got a chance to spend my time with some friends and people I know. I also let an important member of the state government know about how the laws negatively affect my life. I also found out that the laws are in some kind of change doing with be voted and put in the committee so I will wait to see what happens with the laws.
I felt like I accomplished something and did something so important. when too few people go and do this who are too scared or unsure of what to do. There are ways to advocate for yourself and others when there are laws that also impact your life whether to be negative or positive.

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