Today we welcome Alicia from the Springvale Chapter.  She shares with us how Speaking Up For Us changed her life.  

“How did SUFU Change my life?”
When I joined SUFU I had no clue what it was at first.  Since my best friend Stacy Smart has actually spoke to me on joining SUFU.   Stacy goes to my SUFU group.

My SUFU group has actually voted me in to be secretary.  I have been secretary for about 9 years going on 10 y ears.

My SUFU group has seen me take notes for the SUFU meeting every Monday and all of them can read my handwriting.

SUFU has changed my life.  It taught me to Speak Up!

If you would like to try out a SUFU group, Like Alicia you can find the links to all of our groups on our Stuff For Us Page.   Try one out this week!  

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