This is Kile I just want to say happy New Year’s to everyone. I hope everyone had a great and fantastic holiday with their friends and family and brought in the new year with a bang.

I want to share my dreams and things I look forward to, for 2023.

 This year will be a busy year for us we will be attending a lot of meetings that we are going to be attending for you guys. This year we’ll be celebrating our 30-year anniversary at our upcoming conference.

This year I want to say I am so happy to work for you guys and point you in the right direction to speak up and speak out loud and be respected like everyone else.

You can choose to make a better choice for yourself and show people that you can make those choices and that your voices matter. Without your voices, we can’t get things done. We would still have people thinking about what we want and with our life experiences we set the course in our lives. I am looking forward to more face-to-face meetings with you guys.  With the topics you guys come up with, we can help you learn about what you can do when you set your mind to it.

I see more people step up to become leaders and more members becoming part of the board of directors. I like seeing the chapters grow, seeing new people and listening to new stories, and seeing more people step up and talk to the legislative teams, about issues that affect us.  Our theme is nothing about us without us without your voices we can’t get things done. I would like more members to attend SARTAC meetings to meet other people in the nation who are like us and are trying to speak up for themselves. I’d like people to see others putting what they learn from other states into action as well throughout this year.

We will be busy if we’re not busy what else are we to do. We still need to have people stop treating us like little kids. and feel that they’re doing right on us. But really, it’s our lives like the title of the song Bon Jovi it’s my life.

I like being a role model for little kids that have disabilities.  Kids look up to us as heroes now it’s time to make those changes and become the heroes or the champions that they are looking for.  I just wanna say, be safe and stay warm. 

  This is our lives and our stories,

  Kile Pelletier

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