“It is Okay to be Fearful or Scared of Testing.”


This is my first blog.  My Name is Ms. Regina Bowie. I am almost in my mid-forties. I was diagnosed with borderline ADHD in my thirties.  I was put on medication. It did work for a while, but I did stop using it. I have also been diagnosed with Autism in the Asperger’s range almost two years ago. I was overwhelmed but relieved at the same time when I first found out about my new diagnosis.  Being diagnosed so late in life has greatly negatively impacted my career (Job), parenting, and social aspects of my life.  I am working step by step and day by day to gain the confidence I need to have a happier and more successful life learning to live with what I have.


I had a very hard time standing up for myself and my rights all of my life till I started therapy years ago, but I had the correct therapist and joined the Presque Isle SUFU chapter two years ago and this year respectively.  I am finally learning to stand up for myself to be a better person.  The main reasons I decided to join SUFU is be with people who understand my issues and understand me as a person without feeling so negatively and harshly judged. In addition, I like the volunteering and community aspects of SUFU as well.  I also like to encourage whenever it is needed.


What I would like to talk about today is that if you are a parent, grandparent, caregiver, worker, neighbor or caring friend who deals with anyone who is out of sorts, it is okay to feel scared, uncertain, tired or mad about any type of testing done to see if they have something going on with them (mental and physical challenges).  I was happy sad and relieved at first and glad when I had it done. It is time to help whoever you are involved with or even yourself to get past the fears, ridicule, hurt and anything else that is stopping you from getting diagnosed properly. It was such a huge relief for me after I found out about my diagnosis. You can start on the road to treatment and therapies that will help you learn to live with it and help reduce some of the symptoms.  It is not always easy to deal with it. There will be some ups and downs but in the long end, you will get there.   The point is that The Presque Isle SUFU chapter and our advisor were talking about dealing with it as kids and how we were dealing with it.  Long story short, get diagnosed as soon as you can even as a toddler.  Educating yourself even if you need help from your workers, family or people whom you trust is one of the most powerful tools you can do to help yourself live a more fulfilling life, be a better person and a member of your own community.


As workers, caregivers (I work as one), family members etc.  who work with anyone with any kind of difficulty, just be there to support the person.  Don’t judge them and provide a listening ear even if you can’t stand listening to them.  As a caregiver myself, I know it can be difficult and easier said than done.  Last of all, taking classes that matter to you the most (Like social, relationships.) can be one of the most rewarding things you can do to enrich your life.


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