Getting married may affect your benefits. Have you heard of the Marriage Penalty? Our guest blogger Regina Bowie is going to talk a bit about what you need to know.

I am going to discuss a complicated subject that is not so easy to talk about. Marriage since it is so different for a lot of us.

A few people I know are about to tie the knot. There can be ups and downs of it. Some of us are allowed to and some cannot due to different circumstances. Do your research before you get married to see if you would lose your benefits or how it will affect your benefits before legally getting married. Do the research before legally getting married with your case manager, guardian, or trusted person who takes care of your affairs.

Why are some of us with Developmental Disabilities are not married as often? A lot has to do with losing their Medicare which they rely on for their care which they will lose if they marry legally on paper.

We all need to speak up for ourselves and tell them that this is discrimination and the laws need to be fairer for everyone. That is what this organization is all about is learning to speak up for yourself and to make a positive impact in the community for which you live in.

References: Evans, D. (July 8, 2015) Marriage Equality

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