Hi, most of you know that I use a wheelchair due to Cerebral Palsy but what a lot of you don’t know about me is that I also have Clinical Depression which means that I have days where I feel very sad,  tired and confused even when things are going really well for me.

I wanted to talk about it because I’m sure there’s other SUFU members who have Depression too or know somebody who does, and I wanted to let people know you’re not alone.

Having Depression doesn’t mean that you are a bad person or a weak person: Depression is a disability along with Cerebral Palsy, or Autism, or Downs Syndrome.  Depression is just a disability where chemicals in your brain might make you feel bad sometimes.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about it because having Depression isn’t my fault, just like having Cerebral Palsy isn’t my fault.

If you are depressed, tell somebody especially your doctor:  There are days when the idea of talking to people makes me feel really anxious.  However, personally, talking to people helps me a lot because it makes me think about things in a different way.  It’s especially important to talk to your doctors because they can help you decide the best ways to treat your Depression.

Even though it can be hard sometimes, if you feel depressed, do something that you enjoy:  Go for a walk, hang out with friends, paint a picture, play a game, watch tv, cook a meal, exercise, whatever makes you happy.  Sometimes focusing on doing something you like can help you feel better.  For me, I like to talk to people or read a really good book.  That really helps.

It’s ok to have a bad day:  Sometimes there are going to be days where you do feel sad, confused and tired.  It’s ok that’s normal.  I have days that I feel like I can’t get out of my own path but on those days, I talk to my counselor, I talk to my mom, or I talk to my friends and that really helps me get through it.

Even if you deal with Depression you can have a great life!  Don’t give up because there is help out there for you.

Take care,







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