Hi this is Jon. 

In my community in Bangor I’m Part of a Bowling League love having fun doing my Bowling League for 32 weeks straight every week on Monday’s Starts in September ends in April and it a Sanctioned League by the USBC (United States Bowling Congress).

I found out about bowling in my community because a staff person that I used to see at a day program was interested in a bowling league.   We participated for a half a year together, and then he stopped but I kept going. 

If you are not good at it, it’s ok because you will get better.  People will help you with it.   I wasn’t great at bowling when I first started but every time, I play the game I get better.  You can learn by watching other people bowl. 

I now have my own bowling balls that I take to games with me.   I also purchased my own shoes.  You don’t have to have your own bowling balls or shoes to participate in a bowling league. 

Others in the league don’t care if people have a disability or not.  They like having people there. 

Jon McGovern at Bowling

Hi this is Eric.

I wanted to do a Bowling League but had other things going on first but started 3 years ago and it is FUN.

It is also competitive.  I love being around the other teams. They don’t care if I have a disability at all. Bowling is a passion of mine. I would like to get a Prefect game that is 12 Strikes in a row a 300 score not game. I also have a paid locker to put my Bowling Balls and Shoes in, so that means I don’t have store them at home or carry them to the bowling alley and home.   and the Food at Family Fun is always great. Bowling counts as exercise!  You can purchase your own bowling equipment like a ball or shoes, or you can use what is at the bowling alley.  The more you bowl the better you get at it! 

 The other team cheers for your team and the underdog. This counts as practice for Special Olympics and having a handicap can help in your Bowling League.

I like getting 3 Strikes in a row and that is called a Turkey.  I would like to see my scores come up and possibly a 200 score or more.   

I watch others when they are bowling.  It can help me to see what others do and possibly help my game.   I hope sometime our team gets into roll-offs but that can be hard.   Being in a bowling league with others in the community brings me Joy. 

Eric McVay at Bowling
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