Christmas Traditions Music Blog by Ms. Regina Bowie 12/9/2021




Photo Taken by Regina Bowie

I am very excited to share/collaborate this blog with SUFU about Christmas Tradition with Music
I am going to talk about how music has been a part of my Holiday Tradition for very many years. It is about connections in the community you live in when it is your favorite holiday of the year and spending time with family too. It doesn’t matter who it is even if it is just with yourself.

Picture Taken by Regina Bowie Christmas 2020

The first church I got involved with before they dissolved completely I did choir for years there. I really enjoyed doing the Christmas music too there. In 2010 on Christmas eve I joined the church I am involved with now. I loved the holiday music they had.

2014-12-23 12.18.50

The cropped picture was taken by Regina Bowie on Christmas 2014

One Christmas music tradition that has stood the test of time and stood out for me is the following. Every year since I was young I would listen to holiday music from a child to adulthood That is listening to Christmas music whether it be with my family which I did from the time I was a baby on my first Christmas with my family, till I lived on my own. Even though 2015 ended up being the worst holiday I still listen to holiday music.


2014-12-23 11.50.19

Cropped Photo Taken by Regina Bowie Christmas 2014

After an event that is hard to talk about. No, not the pandemic. This was before. I did what I could do to get myself up from it, and join a choir to do singing. That included being involved in Christmas songs during the Advent season till Christmas Eve which slowly helped me get better as I did it every Christmas season.


2014-12-23 11.51.01

Unaltered Picture was taken by Regina Bowie on Christmas Day 2014

When the pandemic first occurred the choir and singing took a long bow and it still does for singing in church. I still practice in my home since I love to sing. I couldn’t sing in the choir since the pandemic prevented me from doing it on Christmas eve last year. I did sing with others by zoom that evening but to me, that is not the same. It was due to Zoom’s limitation of only able to pick up two singers’ voices in its software design.

I have developed new traditions that are helping me thrive and be happy during this pandemic. They are:
…trying to collaborate music during the holiday season even though the pandemic has prevented that.
…I put up my tiny tree with decorations on the top of my bookshelf to dress it up and other tiny little traditions that are doing significantly even if you don’t see it that way till years later.


Photo taken, edited and Flowers arranged by Regina Bowie 2020.

Just Sharing my flower arranging skills that were close to Christmas colors

So I had just stick with listening to others perform. That at least gives me some comfort during the harder months of the year and during the pandemic.



The picture was taken and cropped by Regina Bowie Christmas 2014

Overall listening to Christmas music was the one tradition that I have been doing over and over again even if it is just listening to holiday music at the local grocery store or the radio station. It has taken me years to realize that too were the few joys Christmas has given me over the years even when it was hard for me to appreciate them some years.

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