Regina Bowie from Presque Isle joins us today on the blog as she shares her experience from participating in the Career Exploration Workshop Series.

In celebration of my 48th birthday yesterday I thought to share my thoughts on the Voc rehab program.  I am thankful and happy to be part of the SUFU evaluation team for Voc Rehab.

I was honored and happy to learn things I remembered from being in it years ago.  I like being refreshed with the old stuff that still works today.  It is a pleasure to learn something new in it as well.  I was in the program after I left my other job.  They helped me for a while.  After I was hired at my other job I was out of the program.

I liked the setup of each subject.  It was easy for me to follow.  I really liked that it explored all aspects of the Voc rehab program.    I learned that I am artistic- good with my hands, that I am athletic- I can play sports, and that I am analytical.
Analytical means I can take a chart or a graph or plans and simplify it or break it down into simpler terms.

Overall I like their program very much although some improvements are needed to meet with how the Voc rehab workers communicate with their clients and, co-workers across each state office.


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