When I was in my Senior year of high school, I took a Job Exploration training. Everyone had to take it & it was new to me at the time. I was trying to understand it all at the time because it was new to me. It helped me on my job working at the Hotel in Virginia when I lived there. When I Moved to Maine, I took a refresher course on the Job Exploration but this one had some new stuff in it that was not in the original training I had taken. There was no Voc. Rehab or Career Center near where I lived. I could have traveled 1 hour and 42 minutes to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville Virginia.

When I moved to Maine everything is in my own City of Bangor & was easier to get to them.

In the Career Exploration Workshop Series, I took last month they asked if anyone has taken Job Exploration before. I said this is a refresher course for me. However, I found that there were new things added to it this time. I liked the new information I got. They showed us a website where we could look up careers which was new to me. I liked week 2 where we talked about dressing for success and what that means. In addition, I liked week 4 where we talked about self-advocacy in the workplace. We were given a survey at the end of the series to give feedback on what we thought about the workshop. This will be used to make Career Exploration better for all people who live with a disability and finding a job.

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