Georgia West is a member of our Caribou chapter.   She is a member of the chapter rep committee and recently participated in the Career Exploration Workshop Series.



I had worked on a resume years ago, in this series I learned what I needed to put on a resume. I worked on a new resume with my updated information. The information you need to put on your resume is Personal information, educational background, work history, I was able to put on my resume that I now have two degrees, I have a Bachelor Degree in, Informational Technology concentration Network Management.

I also learned about job interviews. I learned that you need to look presentable, you need make sure that you show up on time, showing up on time shows that you are dependable and that an employer can depend on you. In the interview you need to make eye contact with the person interviewing you. It is especially important to be, upfront and honest with, if you are not, you could lose your job.

Some of the jobs I had were, I Worked in a corn field from the age of 13 to the age on 19. This was an extremely hard job. I worked from sunup to dusk. I ended up with corn rust on me. It is like the rust on vehicles, it would get on your body and stain it. I spent the entire day walking through the fields.

I babysat for families that had small children. I worked with older adults, taking care of them, and I worked in retail. Big lots and other stores. I ran a cash the register and sold TVs.

Overall, the Voc Rehab series was a good series, and I would recommend it too others.

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