Hi Everybody, 🙂

I have some questions for you about Guardianship that I hope you will talk about on the SUFU Blog & let everybody know what you think:

  1. If you are under guardianship, what is that like for you?
  2. If you used to be under guardianship & now you are not, how is your life different, now?
  3. Do you worry about being under guardianship?

This week, I’m talking about something different than guardianship that could help us have better lives, called: Supported Decision Making.

What is Supported Decision Making?

Supported Decision Makingmeans being your own guardian, while still getting help making some decisions if we need it, from people we choose.

There is a group in Maine that I am a part of, working on Supported Decision Making.

Why is Supported Decision Making Important?

I can’t promise that all people with disabilities in Maine won’t have guardians.

However, I do promise that the Supported Decision Making Group are going to work VERY hard to make sure that people in Maine understand that just because you have a disability, doesn’t always mean that you need a guardian!

Everybody Needs Help Sometimes!  Whether you have a disability, or you don’t.

Most guardians are good people who truly want to help people with disabilities.  It’s just that: We want & need to have more control over our own lives!

What can SUFU Members Do?

  • We can talk about how we feel about guardianship on the SUFU Blog
  • We can talk to each other about guardianship at the SUFU Conference
  • We can tell our stories about guardianship to the Supported Decision Making Group

Let’s work together to help ourselves & others with disabilities! 🙂

If you need help posting to the blog or help figuring out what you would like to say, please email me: aolmstead@sufumaine.org

Until next time,


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