Eric McVay, Bangor chapter member, recently finished his term serving on the Consumer Council System of Maine board of directors. Kile Pelletier was in attendance, as Eric was presented with an award and thanked for his service.


Eric McVay1


Kile asked Eric the following questions to share with you.

“What is the Consumer Council System of Maine and what does the board do?” “The Consumer Council System of Maine is a voice for consumers of mental health services. The Board advocate for individuals for mental health issues and advises the legislature, department and the governor’s office on Mental Health Issues.”

“How long were you on the board of directors?”

“I was on the board from August 2018 through January of 2020.”


“How can someone else be on the board of directors? “ “If someone is interested, they would attend a local council meeting, and the local council elects’ representatives to serve on the statewide board. There is an application to be filled out, and turned in prior to the election. The local council would vote on the representatives for the statewide board. “

“Can anyone attend a local council meeting?”

“Any one can attend a local council meeting to learn about what the Consumer Council System of Maine does. You can be a member of your local council by going to their meetings and self-identifying.”

“What do they talk about?”
“They talk about issues statements and anything that has been brought up at the legislative meeting and what was discussed at the statewide meeting” To find the dates of upcoming Consumer Council System of Maine meetings and events you can visit their website at

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