Program Associate, Jon McGovern recently had the opportunity to present about SUFU to the Health and Human Services Committee at the statehouse. He was interviewed and wants to share his experience with SUFU members.

You recently testified at the Health and Human Services Committee. Tell me, why that was important.
“I have spoken in front of the committee before and I knew what to expect. After Monique spoke about SUFU overall, I talked about my job and what I do. I shared that I called all the individuals who were running for election in November. I also told them how I work on our database taking care of membership and chapter stuff and that it can get kind of complicated.”

Why do you think it is important to testify?
“Going to testify is important because you get to learn more about yourself and you get to know who is on the committee. If this is your first time, you don’t need to be nervous.
I would like everyone from SUFU to get a chance a to testify if they want to. This would give them the chance to say how an issue would impact their life.”

One topic you seem to be passionate about is people attending Advocacy Day. Tell me why it is important for people to attend?
“I think it’s important to attend Advocacy Day because we like to see our legislators and get the word out. We want them to know we are important. We have Rights. We can say who we are, what is important to US, and what we would like to see changed. It is important for people to put a face with a name. This is the start of building a lifetime relationship with the legislatures.”

Advocacy Day is going to be April 4th at the Statehouse in Augusta. Monique Stairs answered the following question for us: What should people expect leading up to Advocacy Day and the day of?
“This will be a process that will give SUFU members the opportunity to start building a relationship with their legislators. Participants will be getting a packet in the mail prior to April 4, that will walk them through how to reach out to their legislators to let them know they will be in attendance. They will also be asked to identify issues that are important to them as people living with a disability, and prepare any questions that they might have for their legislator. In addition, members will also be asked to follow up with their legislator after Advocacy Day and to continue to build on a relationship.
Members who attend will also get to see the statehouse and learn how the legislative process works, and see everything in action.”

To Register for Advocacy Day please contact Laurie Coldwell at or by calling (207)-956-1004 ext 4. Registrations must be received by March 22nd.

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