Hi Everybody,

Something Very Exciting is Happening!   On Friday, May 5, at 9 AM, in Augustaa bill that the SUFU Board wrote based on what our membership told us they need to improve transportation services for people with disabilities in Maine (which would also include SUFU Members), will be discussed by the Health and Human Services Committee at the Maine Legislature!  The Legislature helps make laws for the people of Maine.

The bill (which is called LD 464) creates something called an “app,” that can be put on any computer, cell phone, tablet, etc.  The app would allow people with disabilities to easily schedule rides themselves at any time AND to offer feedback on how the ride went, without needing to talk to anybody.

If you think you would like to send a letter to the Maine Legislature about what transportation has been like for you and how this app could help in your life, please contact Monique at programsufu@sufumaine.org or (207) 956-1004 / Extension 1.

To help you when you are writing your letter, here’s what LD 464 is about…

What is LD 464?

To create a mobile app, to schedule your transportation.

Why Do We Need LD 464?

  •  People with disabilities often have difficulty scheduling rides with their transportation providers.
  • Added to this, there are many times the rides are late or are “no-shows”.
  • Our basic concept is to create a state wide mobile app for the individual to schedule rides, with their computer, tablet, or smart phone.   Currently, rides need to be called in by the person who needs the ride.

What Can LD 464 Do?

  • The State will NOT be back in the transportation business. This app will allow the State to make sure things run smoothly.
  • The person with the disability can easily schedule the ride from their smart phone, tablet, or computer, which many individuals use on a regular basis for many of their services.
  • When the driver picks up or drops somebody off, that information is stored in a database, so the state will know if the transportation providers are doing a good job.
  • All the billing information can be stored in a database, so the individuals with a disability can just enter an ID number rather than repeating all the information, each time they call.
  • This app can be accessed 24/7.
  • What happens now if you need to reserve a ride, you need to call within a specific time frame. With this app, booking a ride will no longer be a problem, and can be done from anywhere, from multiple devices.
  • Every transportation provider will be using the same app, making it easier for everyone.

If you would like help with your letter to the Maine Legislature, please feel free to contact Avery at aolmstead@sufumaine.org, or (207) 956-1004, Extension 4.

If you are interested in going to Augusta on May 5, to read your letter to the Legislature in person, please contact Avery or Monique.

No matter what happens, we should all be very proud of our SUFU Board because this is the first time that SUFU has submitted a bill to the Maine Legislature based on what our members want, not what others think we need! I’m sure it won’t be the last!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Avery.

Take Care,
Avery Olmstead
SUFU Communications Associate
(207) 956-1004, Extension 4

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