Hi Everybody,


I can’t believe the SUFU Conference is next week!  I’ve been thinking, we all know that the conference is a lot of fun and seeing everybody is a blast!


The conference is also a place to learn new things and choose for ourselves, ways to make our lives better.  With that in mind, I had an idea…


Let’s challenge each other to…

  1. Pick 1 thing that you learn at the Conference that you really liked. For example, “I want to eat more fruits and vegetables.”
  2. Write it down (or have someone write it for you), as a goal for yourself.  For example, “I will eat one vegetable with my lunch and one vegetable with my dinner. I will also eat at least 2 pieces of fruit every day.”  If reading is hard for you, maybe you could record it.
  3. Put it somewhere at home where you can see it easily, so you can remind yourself of your goal.
  4. If you had questions or concerns about reaching your goal, you could talk about it at Chapter meetings and help each other.
  5. Pick a day every month to think about how you have been doing with your goal.  If you want to, talk it over with people you care about.
  6. If you slip on your goal sometimes, that’s ok.  Nobody’s perfect.
  7. If you feel comfortable, post your goal below this blog or on one of the SUFU Facebook pages because it could encourage someone else to choose their own goal, or maybe do the same one you are!

Remember, I’m doing this too because we are in this together.

The point of this challenge is to try our best, keep going, and show ourselves that we can choose to improve our lives.  Let’s do it! 🙂


Until Next Time,


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