2016 Statewide Conference Sponsors

Thank You!

The organizations below, sponsored SUFU by donating money to our 2016 transportation fund, so our SUFU could get everybody to the conference and back home.  There were also many people who donated money to the transportation fund, who weren’t sponsors.

Because of their very generous gifts to us, we were able to enjoy the absolutely stunning scenery and weather at Sugarloaf, while walking, hiking, biking, learning healthy eating habits, relaxation techniques, and dancing the night away!

Our sponsors, and others, helped make our 2016 SUFU Conference, the best one yet!  From our hearts, we really appreciate it.  Thank You!

Conference Sponsor: An anonymous gift Vendor Fair Sponsors - Really Really good friends of Speaking Up For Us: The University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies Living Innovations Vendor Fair Sponsors - Good friends of Speaking Up For Us: DISABILITY RIGHTS MAINE LIFT360 Total Community Manager, Powered by Relationships Vendor Fair Sponsors - Friends of Speaking Up For Us: Healey & Associates community partners, inc. KFI JASON'S pizza Berry • Talbot • Royer CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS Generous funding also provided by Maine Developmental Disabilities Council, Maine Department of Health and Human Services

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